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About Us

Coming from China to New York, Vera is the perfect example of bridging fashion and lifestyles between the two continents. As awarded the First Chinese Blogger in the United States, Vera was empowered and inspired by women around her. She carried on that empowerment to the next level.

Inspiring over 1 million of her followers among multiple platforms with her sexy and bossy, simple and chic style. Vera decided to launch VERAFIED in 2017 to create products for the inspiring female leaders to show the symbolic value of individuality.

VERAFIED is a Slow fashion brand that embodies sustainability with a New York edge. Believing in “Buy less. Choose well. Make it last.”, we make chic and time-lasting pieces that are sober-looking and value conscious.

VERAIFIED now has one showroom in New York City and one in the center of Paris. Selling globally, Vera is planning to open more locations worldwide in the near future.